Triton-C ready for transport to Hawaii

Oscilla Power’s Triton-C is a community scale 100kW rated wave energy converter. This system shares the same multi-mode energy capture and architecture of the larger Triton, with a ring-shaped reaction structure hanging below the surface float via three tendons. 

The Triton-C has been constructed over the last two years and is about to be transported to Hawaii for deployment later this year. The Triton-C will call the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) it's home for a year then return to Seattle after a thorough research and testing program.


System installation rendering for HNEI site

power for remote and isolated communities

Unlike the MW-scale Triton, the Triton-C is intended to provide power to remote and isolated communities that currently have exceptionally high energy costs and uncertain energy security. The intent is that the Triton-C will be able to provide these communities with resilient, independent, and self-sufficient energy. It has been developed specifically with a self-deploying installation approach that allows the system to be deployed quickly, and simply with low cost vessels.

Preparation for Triton-C Deployment 


Take a look into the development process for our Community-Scale Wave Energy technology.  


Hydraulics and Dynamic Brake Functioning