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Triton-C at night in Honolulu

Triton-C has been launched and is now ready for testing!

Oscilla Power’s Triton-C is a community scale 100kW rated wave energy converter. This system shares the same multi-mode energy capture and architecture of the larger Triton, with a ring-shaped reaction structure hanging below the surface float via three tendons. 

After completing construction of the Triton-C system in September we were able to successfully send it and its underwater reaction ring segments to Hawaii for deployment and testing in open water.  

Oscilla team on the Triton-C

With the assistance of local shipyard Pacific Shipyards International (PSI) and contractor Sea Engineering (SE), we successfully launched the Triton-C in Honolulu harbor. A key part of this operation was the mating of the floating hull with the large reaction ring hanging below. Thanks to great support from our partners, contractors and the OPI team, this operation went without a problem.    

Now the Triton-C is moored in Honolulu Harbor while we wait for infrastructure upgrades to be completed to the Wave Energy Testing Site (WETS) test site in Kaneohe Bay. These activities require calm weather, which has been difficult to come by this year.

As soon as the weather cooperates and the upgrades are complete, we will be towing the Triton-C from Honolulu to Kaneohe Bay and installing it at WETS. While there it will be connected to the HECO power grid and provide power to the island.

Triton-C under a rainbow in Honolulu
TRITON-C in Honolulu, Hawaii
Triton-C installation rendering

System installation rendering for HNEI site

power for remote and isolated communities

Unlike the MW-scale Triton, the Triton-C is intended to provide power to remote and isolated communities that currently have exceptionally high energy costs and uncertain energy security. The intent is that the Triton-C will be able to provide these communities with resilient, independent, and self-sufficient energy. It has been developed specifically with a self-deploying installation approach that allows the system to be deployed quickly, and simply with low cost vessels.

Preparation for Triton-C Deployment 

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Take a look into the development process for our Community-Scale Wave Energy technology.  

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