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Oscilla Power Granted Key Patent Related to Smaller Wave Energy Systems

Oscilla Power has been granted an important patent (US11598308B2) related to the power conversion systems for small wave energy converters. It is generally difficult to capture and convert energy from ocean waves with small devices, so it is important to have high efficiency conversion of the captured mechanical energy to electricity. This patent describes a key innovation towards achieving this for 'two-body' wave energy converters, a particular class of wave energy converter that is especially suitable for small systems.

"Oscilla Power considers a strong patent portfolio as critically important in achieving our long-term commercial goals, and this patent is an important addition to our portfolio," said Balky Nair, CEO of Oscilla Power. Oscilla Power now has 27 granted patents worldwide and has several applications under consideration. "The key part of this innovation is the use of an extension spring located concentrically around the tendon connecting the two bodies. This allows an efficient and compact unit that can be stowed and deployed as needed.", said Tim Mundon, CTO of Oscilla Power.

This innovation is especially applicable for low-power remote sensing applications that fall under the US Department of Energy's Powering the Blue Economy Initiative. These applications can be a meaningful first step toward protecting, understanding, and leveraging the immense power and promise of the oceans to help us achieve many collective economic, social, and environmental goals.


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